Hello and Welcome,
Do you often wish for an extra pair of hands or for more time in your day?  Or perhaps you just wish you had that one trustworthy person you could count on when something urgent or personal in nature comes up?  If so, Q8 Estate Management may very well be the solution for you.  We are a home management company providing services designed around individuals needs for their homes.   
An Estate Manager juggles multiple properties with numerous responsibilities and thinks quickly on their feet while ensuring things are operating smoothly in your home(s). 
Q8 Estate Management has over 25 years of experience working for people in their homes.  I decided to focus on multiple clients here in the Valley, rather than working with one client with multiple properties throughout the country.  My goal is to provide various household services to clients in their homes on an as need basis.  You could have a professional in your home to take care of the various tasks you don’t have time for or want to deal with.  Clients may require a full day once a week, a few hours a couple of days a week, maybe just to come in and supervise repairmen for a few hours or even just someone checking on your home while you are away.  What ever the need, I’d love to accommodate.  I understand how incredibly challenging it can be to find someone that you can trust and are comfortable with in your home.  You will get the best quality care by the same individual every time.  Allow Q8 Estate Management to help you in your home.  I look forward to hearing about your needs.